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Searching For a Landscape Contractor?

As a consumer searching for a landscape contractor make sure you look for:

  • A company that furnishes a written proposal outlining the scope of work, as well as, terms and conditions of the service.

    YOUR WAY provides this information to all potential and current customers.  Demand to see this information.  It is the only way you can compare quotations fairly.

  • A company that is properly insured.

    YOUR WAY carries liability coverage, along with workman’s compensation coverage.  A copy of our insurance is available upon request

  • A company with experience.

    Each member of our team received extensive training.  All of our foreman and managers have at least five years of experience.  Our entire management staff had a combined total of twenty-five plus years of industry experience.

  • A company that has multiple crews to properly service you.

    YOUR WAY has several crews for each type of service we provide.  Our crews have up-to-date equipment to help eliminate problems.   Knowing this you can rest assured that your project will be completed timely with a high level of quality.

  • A company that can provide various landscape services to cover all your needs.

    From designs and installation to maintenance of your landscape, YOUR WAY has crews that can handle most all landscape needs.  We also have a snow and ice control division to provide year round service.

  • A company that will provide references for you to contact.

    YOUR WAY will be happy to supply you with a listing of at least five references upon request.
Searching For a Landscape Contractor?
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